A one-of-its-kind mattress, Iconic is the perfect solution for all sleeping styles. The Rebonded Foam provides balanced support to your whole body, relieving all pressure points. At the same time, the Memory Foam allows the mattress to resist motion transfer and maintain a cool temperature through out the night.

One of the most advanced mattresses available. Comprising of a Bonded foam, HR Foam & Memory Foam Pillow Top, this mattress fits right into your modern lifestyle. It is crafted with the latest italian technology which ensures that different sections of the mattress have different levels of support to help improve spinal alignment.This mattress is everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Type:
Memory Foam Mattress- Pillow Top
7 Years
Firmness level:
Mild Firm
Softness Level:
Extra Soft
Extra softMild Firm
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